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Two deep boreholes in the ‘Bois de la Cambre’ park

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At the initiative of Environment Brussels, two deep boreholes were made in the ‘Bois de la Cambre’ park in January, 2017. Reaching depths of 125 metres and 184 metres, they were drilled by Eurodrill and are equipped with piezometers; this enables researchers to monitor the water level in the aquifers located in the ‘Landénien’ sand layer and the Cambrian rock layer. Such deep boreholes are rare in Brussels, and this is a great opportunity for geologists and hydrogeologists to learn more about the ground below Brussels.

Partners of the Brugeo project were able to collect valuable field data. These deep boreholes allowed enhanced thermal response tests to be conducted, yielding insights into the geothermal properties of the ground below Brussels. Based on the data collected on the field, an accurate and definitive map of the ground's geothermal potential will eventually be produced.

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